Saturday, October 30, 2010

1st 5K race

I have a fun bunch of friends from church, that have been running for the past year. They got me hooked this summer, and I have been loving it. I went twice in July, and decided it was way too hot for me, so I picked it pack up in September and have been going anywhere from 1-3 times a week. We have been going on a 6 mile run lately, and it is fairly challenging. The trail that we run has a wicked 200 ft. climb at about mile 3 and lasts a full mile!

Anyway, I decided to take my running a step farther and sign-up for a race. My 1st 5K was this morning. I ran the Bella Vista 2nd annual Hallween 5K. It turned out to be a cold week this week, and this morning was not the exception. It was in the lower 40's, and I nearly froze to death before the race. I finished at a P.R. of 32 minutes! I am so blest to have such wonderful friends that support, and motivate me in my running. I find myself feeling defeated during some runs, but they keep me positive and motivate me to go on. I love them!!

Next up: an all girls 10K race, coming up in November!

Halloween 2010

Reagan as a ladybug. Addison as a blonde Snow White

This was just before our ward trunk or treat. Addison decided that she wanted to have black hair, like Snow White, so we found her a wig.

Pumpkin patch

For the past two years, we have gone to this great farm in Missouri for their fall festivities. They have a hayride (that is waaaaaaay to long), a cow train (which is one of the favorites), some really fun slides built into the hillside, a corn maze, and a pumpkin patch. We went on the 1st saturday in October, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect (well, the weather has been perfect for pretty much all of October).

The cow train. Reagan was not liking it at first, but as soon as the driver honked the moo horn, she loved it and moo'd the rest of the ride

Reagan going down the gunny sack slide. It did not go fast enough for her.

Addison going down a slide.

The girls in the pumpkin patch

Catching up

Addison started her 2nd year of preschool back in September. She is a butterfly and has the same teacher. Her best friend is also in her class. It will be a sad, sad day if her best friend is not in her class next year in kintergarden.

A couple of weeks ago, Addison had her 1st field trip with her preschool class to the fire station. Reagan and I went along. One of the firemen put his fire proof coat and oxygen mask and hat on, so that the kids could see what he looked like, and that they wouldn't be afraid of him. Let's just say Addison wouldn't get within 10 feet of him. She was probably the only one that wouldn't take a picture with the fireman.

the preschool class beside the fire truck

Addison and her best friend

Reagan's favorite part of the fire station

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lake Powell trip part 2

Some more random pictures of the trip.

Drop down plasma screen

Addison posing in the water

Reagan on the boat, with her life jacket on

Brad, driving the boat

Reagan, Me, and Addison on the top deck of the houseboat

Aunt Jaime, Reagan, Grandma Nielsen, and Addison on the top deck of the houseboat

We had such a great time, and we wish it had lasted longer. We are so greatful to mom and dad Nielsen for making this trip possible, and even though they don't read my blog, thank you Knight family for being so generous!

Lake Powell trip

One of the reasons that we went to Arizona to visit Brad's family, was to go on a family vacation with Brad's family up to Lake Powell. We were very fortunate, that a friend of the family was generous enough to allow us to use their 2 million dollar houseboat on the lake.

The drive there was interesting. We did a lot of driving through Arizona on our whole trip, and I was amazed at the Indian reservations! I didn't get any pictures, but I did find this picture online. There were hundreds of these buildings, called hogans, throughout the reservation. I don't know if they live in them, but they were small, and they would be out in the middle of no where!

Anyway, about the houseboat, it was amazing! I don't know the specific details of it, but it was huge! 70+ feet long, and 20+ feet wide, with 3 levels! It had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The main level was air conditioned. The kitchen had top of the line, Viking appliances. Every room had plasma t.v.'s. The second level was an open sitting area with a second kitchen and a 60 inch drop down plasma t.v. The third level was pretty much a sun deck with lounge chairs. I got a few pictures of the boat.
The grand view

our room with a king sized bed

The second level kitchen with a grill

The main level kitchen

The Magic speedboat that came with the houseboat. It was really fast, and Addison loved it!

The back of the houseboat had two jet skis, so we had plenty of toys to keep us occupied. The weather was perfect, low 90's with a few mild storms that blew in and cooled things off. We couldn't have had a better time! Addison loved going fast on the boat and jet skis and I even let her drive the jet ski with me. Reagan was a trooper and napped and slept well in the pack-and-play. She hated having the life vest on when we were in the boat, but pretty much fell asleep every time we went out on the boat. Both girls loved swimming in the water as well.

Addison driving the boat with Uncle Rob

Addison riding the jet ski with Uncle Mike

The cove that we were anchored at was called "Cookie Jar" because the rock formation looked like a cookie jar.

Addison standing in front of a rock formation

Summer happenings & Addison's B-day

I know, it's been too long. I have alot of excuses, but I won't go there. A few things have happened since the last time that I posted. Not much happened in April. In May, Addison finished her 1st year of preschool.

Addison with her two best friends at preschool: Ruby and Gus

Also in May, I was fortunate enough to fly out to Idaho with the kids and celebrate my Grandpa's 80th birthday. It was very special because, my parents and all my siblings were able to go out too. We had a blast seeing cousins, and uncles and aunts that we hadn't seen in a long time. I am so bummed that I didn't get any pictures though. I did steal this picture from my sister's blog of my Grandpa (thanks Whitnie!). We love you Grandpa!

Not much happened in June, really, I only have maybe 3 pictures that I took all month!

July, has been busy. Last week, we celebrated Addison's 4th birthday. We were in Arizona visiting Brad's family, so she got to celebrate it there.

We also went on a family vacation up to Lake Powell in Page, Utah, but there are too many pictures, so I will put that tidbit on another post.